At singly occuring faults, the system immediately changes to the safe condition: it switches off. If for instance in a safety edge a not perfect gluing of the end caps has been made, or sealing becomes worse because the glue becomes brittle, any ingress of insulating matter such as dust and dirt will not lead to a loss of the safety function

Keys Switches

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Keys Switches

Benefits offered by the key switches: high safety, individual codes, only pre-determined sequences securing safety are possible, no spare tongue 'in the pocket', no cables to the individual guards (cost saving, faults prevented), easy retro-fitting guard, interlocks have locking feature particularly suited when there are different energy sources for the machine (electric, pneumatic, ...), in areas where people might get trapped: personal safety key simple possibilities for teach in time delay due to key transfer between switch and guard interlock - run-down processes come to a standstill (if necessary, extend by additional unit)

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