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When we started, in 1987, to translate our ideas into products like Door Interlock, we did not have a clue as to where our entrepreneurial trip would end. At the time, production, design, and sales of Door Interlock took place in our parentsí garage! Ourís would have been a short story, if not for the support of our very first customers and suppliers. Because of their original commitment to us, absolute customer orientation is the number one priority for our colleagues and us.
Since our founding, several product groups like Door Interlock have been designed and successfully launched in the machine safety devices market

. With our subsidiaries and distribution partners for Door Interlock in the major industrial countries, we are able to serve our customers in all aspects of labor safety. As a family-owned company, we attach the highest importance to quality at Door Interlock, and for this reason we are proud to connect our own name with our products and services. We look forward to your enquiries. We also welcome your comments and any criticism, as this will help us to improve and to create new solutions.
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SAFETY INTERLOCKS and door interlock

High safety.

Door Interlock: Such guard locking devices are for instance key-operated mechanical interlocks, also called trapped-key systems. They are based on the easy-to-understand premise that a key cannot in two places at the same time - it can for instance be inserted in a switch OR be used for opening a guard.
Door Interlock: Another safety-relevant feature is that a key can only become free in a safe condition, when there are no hazards - a switch is turned off, a guard interlock is closed and locked. The big advantage of the system is the fact that a certain sequence of steps can be predetermined when designing the system. It is not possible to deviate from this sequence - thus a high degree of integrity is achieved. So virtually any hazard can be eliminated.

Advantages of Haake door interlock

Benefits offered by the trapped-key system, e.g. door interlock:
Haake offers safety interlocks (e.g. door interlock) with multifold applications for:

door interlock- safeguarding operators
door interlock - Automotive industry
door interlock - Robots
door interlock - Machine tools
door interlock - Automation
door interlock - Packaging machines
door interlock - Food
door interlock - Textile
door interlock - Breweries
door interlock - Building industry
door interlock - Chemical industry
door interlock - Pharmacy
door interlock - Plastic processing
door interlock - Oil / gas
door interlock - Steel
door interlock - Mining
door interlock - Power generation / distribution
door interlock - Environmental protection
door interlock - Power stations

Switch HST-S and door interlock

Door Interlock: The switch HST-S is used for isolating the machine, in order to permit safe access. After the voltage has been switched off, the previously trapped key can be removed and used for the next step in the sequence, e.g. opening a guard.
Door Interlock: The unit is available as an enclosed (IP 65) or a panel mount version. Versions with multiple locks (enclosed version sheet-steel up to 4, panelmount version up to 10) are also available. Further, versions in explosion-proof enclosures (ATEX zones 21 & 22 and 1 & 2) can also be supplied.

door interlock

door interlock
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Door Interlock: The switch HST-S is used for isolating the machine